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Welcome to Big Island Bamboo lilikoi passion fruit cocktail drink mixes and recipes

Way back in 1993, a charming restaurant at the end of the road on the Big Island of Hawaii was established with one main goal:  to bring great food, good fun, and loads of aloha spirit to its customers.  A key ingredient to achieving that goal of course was to create the best tropical drinks on the island.
A plan was hatched.  And it was full of passion…. fruit that is….
The wiley proprietress had a thing for lilikoi (Hawaiian for passion fruit) that only the locals had been growing in their back yards.  She grew it in her own garden and harvested it at its peak to create wildly exotic recipes bursting with sweet yet tangy tropical flavors.  She knew she was creating something most folks had never tasted before.  She used it in her salad dressings, in her barbeque sauce, in her iced tea, and she made milk shakes and slushes.  All of her favorite standards got an exciting new tropical twist. 
One day before the doors of her restaurant opened, a committee of local gals sat at the beautiful new koa wood bar testing trial runs of never before mixed cocktail concoctions.  They were undaunted, they were committed, they were….a little tipsy.  But when it was all said and done, the perfect Lilikoi Margarita was born!  But they didn’t stop there.   Next came the Lilitini, the Lilikoi Daquiri, the classic old-fashioned Mai Tai, the Lilikoi Chi Chi with vodka, and a totally original cocktail, the Hula Girl.  It was a proud day for this bunch of over-achievers.
And the plan worked. Since 1993, that little restaurant, known as Bamboo, has served the drinks to great fanfare.  They were voted “The Best Restaurant on the Big Island” and received an “Excellent” rating from Zagat as well as stars from Fodors.  Their famous cocktails were even copied by other joints in the area. 
Which gave our wiley proprietress another plan to hatch.  And you have found it.  Now, her wildly exotic, wildly tropical, and wildly popular drink mix is available to you. Made with the freshest ingredients, all natural fruit juices and pure cane sugar, you too can blend the originals or create your own fabulous cocktails.  And while she’d love to see you at her beautiful koa wood bar on the Big Island, she’s happy you can get your own dose of Aloha Spirit, wherever you may be.  Okole Maluna! (Hawaiian, for ‘bottoms up!')

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